TV Fix Antenna Review 2018

The mounting cable bills have been causing a lot of burden to a common man. Sometimes you may be wondering why are you even paying so much amount when more than half of those channels, you are not aware of. There is no more regretting on the fact of spending so much amount on a monthly or yearly basis. All of your favourite TV channels are available absolutely free of cost. That too just with the help of a TV antenna. Yes, you heard that right.

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The TVFix antenna has brought a new revolution in the entertainment industry. The TVFix antenna comes with a versatile design hence it can be easily mounted on the wall or the window. If you do not like to show off your TV antenna, then you can also place it discreetly behind the TV set or behind a wall frame. This is an indoor small TV antenna that can be easily plugged into the TV input and you are good to go ahead and enjoy the daily entertainment dose.

TVFix antenna has a coverage range of 30miles which makes it a perfect pick as an indoor antenna. Another best feature of this antenna is that, it is multi-directional which means that the placement is not much of a worry. You need not try to point it in one particular direction for getting a strong reception signal. As per TVFix antenna, they claim to provide 90 out of 100 channels which are absolutely free. However, this mostly depends on the area or the location where you are residing and also how far you are from the broadcasting tower. You may not get all of the channels, but still there is quite a lot of other content that is worth the watch.

Getting a TVFix antenna would mean just a one-time investment and enjoying lifetime of free entertainment. TVFix antenna is quite affordable when compared with the other models The antenna package would include a 15cm cable and a coaxial euro adaptor. The setup as mentioned earlier is also pretty straightforward. However just pay close attention to the placement of the antenna so that you need not adjust it again and again later. You also get an amplifier which would further increase the range from 30miles to 50miles. It is also termed as one of the best HD TV antennas hence you can be assured to receive picture resolution of 1080p.

There is just one small issue with this antenna and this is, it does not support the 4k functionality. Though this 4k format is something quite an advanced technology and mostly not all of the channels support it. Hence it should not be a big deal. If you go in for 2 TVFix antennas, then it would cost you just $33 for each. Isn’t that a mind-blowing deal. Also if you plan to purchase 4 such antennas then you will also avail a discount of 66% or even higher. This is surely a great deal in saving a lot of money without compromising on the viewer’s entertainment. Also considered a best choice for the cord cutters who are still on the lookout for an indoor TV antenna.