TrueSignal Antenna Review 2018

None of us would want to pay for cable or satellite TV. Every time you would feel that the prices are just soaring high up and it does not seem to be giving any respite to its viewers. It can lead to a lot of frustration. Why wait till it is too late. Rather you can act now and cut the cord. There are multiple other options which would provide you a similar or a better experience of watching you favourite TV programs without the need to pay such high prices.

TrueSignal has some high claims for the consumers. They have mentioned across various marketing channels that they provide true HD picture quality at 1080p. It has also claimed that among the other indoor TV antenna models, this one has been rated as the number 1 HDTV indoor antenna. Though this cannot be termed as a completely true claim since there are other better models than TrueSignal available in the market.

The Best TV Antenna

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Winegard FlatWave Amped FL5500A

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4/5 Rating 85% 0 Channels Received Check Price

Firstly, the TrueSignal indoor TV antenna is highly priced in comparison to its peers. Though it has also mentioned that few of their users have started to receive 100s of channels. But this again is quite a difficult claim. Because even with the best of antennas it would be very unlikely to get 100plus channels. There are lot of TV antennas which can provide around 30 to 50 channels but getting 100plus channels seems to be an unrealistic number. The antenna can cover a range of 50miles.

It is very much true that you would be only paying a one-time investment for procuring the antenna. After which the entertainment is free of cost. The company would not be charging you any subscription fees or monthly charges for its channels. TrueSignal indoor antenna is quite sleek and easy in terms of concealing it. Due to its compact design, it can easily stick to the wall without being much noticed. The setup of this antenna is also quite simple. All you would need to do is just follow the instructions mentioned on the package that comes along. It would help in properly mounting the antenna.

If you would want to ensure that maximum number of channels are received on your TV set then the placement of this antenna is utmost important. You can place it on the wall or on the window for receiving strong reception signals. One of the advantage of this antenna is that, it can come along with you when you are out or travelling in an RV. All you would need to do is just complete the setup of attaching the antenna cord to the TV input port. Once done, you are good to watch your favourite shows while on the road as well. But one thing that you would need to be aware is that, it becomes quite difficult to get strong reception signals while in a moving vehicle.

Few of the downsides of this antenna is that you tend to receive less number of channels than which is actually claimed by the company, the shipping process is slow and also there is no amplifier along with the antenna.