PhotoStick Reviews Backup All of Your Photos and Videos in Seconds

Are you in a constant fear of losing out on your precious data, videos or photographs. In today’s technology world, this is a constant thing that revolves in the minds of the users. Hence they try to take up back-up of their important data. But how much back-up can you take and also what if the device gets corrupted or gets damaged. This means loss of all the back-up data. PhotoStick Mobile is a device that has the potential to cover up on the above risk. You need not worry about losing out on their precious data or memories since it can take a back-up of all your data just in a matter of few minutes. For those who are not backing up are said to be at constant risk of losing out their data.

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PhotoStick Mobile provides for backing up of videos and photos in a matter of minutes. However, videos would take some time to backup. But surely it would not take hours to get the backup done. It would get done in matter of few minutes. There is a built-in functionality which would allow for searching each files and folders in a matter of few seconds so as to ensure that all the memories are found quickly. The maximum capacity of storage is 128GB. It also provides the functionality of on-going backup wherein it would provide for instant weekly backup of the files. This would ensure that none of your files get lost or damaged.

The setup is quite simple and easy. All you would need to is simply download the Free App from the App Store or Google Store. Once done, then plug in the PhotoStick Mobile. This would help in freeing up your valuable space from your smartphone. It is that simple and efficient. This PhotoStick Mobile would work well on all of the Android phone, iPhones. But when you order your PhotoStick, just ensure that you order it as per your operating system. It comes along with a 1TB storage as well as a USB cable.

There are three different storage options of PhotoStick you can go in for. 8GB one can store around 3500 videos and photos, 64GB would store around 30k photos and videos. Lastly there is 128GB of storage that can store around 60k photos and videos. You have the option to purchase this stick as a single item or as multiple items. The prices are also quite affordable. It is surely a good deal and one should take advantage of it. They also provide for free shipping. The makers are so confident about their products that they offer a 30-day return guarantee. But you would need to return it with its original packaging.

This is surely a must-buy for all those individuals who fear of losing their precious data, videos and photos. If you do not back up the data, then it may find it impossible to retrieve back the memories and confidential data. PhotoStick is the right option for having a stress free time.