Mobile Screen Cast Review 2018

Who doesn’t like sharing photos or videos with their friends and family members. But we don’t like people crowding over the phone to see what is actually going on. At times when we do share out phone with friends or family members to view that particular video or photo, they may tend to start digging further into the phone. Such situations can turn out to be quite embarrassing or awkward since we may not like them to see something that is private or confidential. There is one solution which would help in saving such moments. Mirrorcasting helps the individual to share their mobile screen on the TV, a computer monitor or a projector. But there is just one problem to it, you should be having a smart TV to properly use the feature of mirror casting. However, this issue can be also solved with the help of Mobile Screen Cast.

Mobile Screen Cast allows you to share all of your mobile content onto any of the screens. This feature not only works for photos or videos. It also works for casting any documents, images, facebook screen, web pages or any other phone content on to the big screen. This device is very versatile since you can make use of it for preparing presentations at work or for classroom, you can also stream live content in the staffroom and at the same time watch your favourite movie or program on the big screen. They also provide a free media library

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This device is compatible with your iPads, Android phones, computers and Apple Phone as well. There is no need to get bored while you are travelling since this device can be carried along while you are on a trip. It allows you to carry your daily dose of entertainment along wherever you travel. Now you would be wondering that when it is doing so many activities, would it not drain the battery of the mobile. Mobile Screen Cast would not be using your phone battery. It provides the facility to charge your phone while you are carrying on with screen casting and sharing files or images.

This device provides a resolution of 1080p HDMI output. Also there is no need for a Wi-Fi connection to get the mirrorcasting done. It properly mirrors both the sound as well as the screen from the mobile. It has a DRAM of 128MB, NAND of 128MB and CPU is AM8252. The setup is also quite simple wherein you would need to just plug-in the mobile screen cast into the respected TV or monitor. Next is to connect the device to the mobile screen cast media and there you are ready to enjoy your mobile content on the big screen. There is also no need for installing any additional app or software on your phone or TV. It works so easily and is regarded as a welcome change in the way we view entertainment. Due to the small size of the device, it can easily fit in your pocket.

With this package you also get a USB cable, an HDMI cable, a quick guide on how to go about the setup and the Mobile Screen Cast device either wired or wireless. There is just one small issue that in certain cases it may find difficulty in getting connected with the device. But this issue can resolve in few attempts. Hence think no further and get this device for enjoying content on big screen.