The Super Bowl can be aired free without the need for cable subscription. Whether or not, you are a fan of football. It is quite hard to deny that the Super Bowl is something people wait to watch and enjoy. Having this game on your TV is quite easy to get without any subscription services. There are various other options made available wherein one can tune into Super Bowl.

The Best TV Antenna

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NBC Sports App:

The NBC is trying to promote its app everywhere hence it is also broadcasting this game. You can view the game on their app called as NBC Sports App on various other platforms such as Roku but they would need login. Hence there are other apps including the official app of NFL that would be streaming the game for free. For those who are users of Google ChromeCast have the option to send the streaming on to their big screen and enjoy.

TV antennas:

Various TV antennas also air live games for their viewers over the major network channels. All you would need to do is check whether you are in the coverage area for getting the local NBC affiliate. Those who have old TV units may not be able to view since those TV’s are not able to handle digital signal. But in such cases you can purchase a digital conversion box and hook it up to the antenna. Ensure to carry out a proper research in terms of getting the right antenna so that you do not rush around at the last minute. For those who reside in metropolitan region would just have to spend around $25 to $30 for getting a small indoor antenna. Those who are far from the broadcasting tower can invest in an outdoor antenna which would pick up strong reception signals.

Streaming service:

Gradually there have been various streaming services such as Youtube TV or Hulu with Live TV that have started to provide local network programs to their viewers. You can carry out a check on their website and then go for those streaming services. Hulu with Live TV has expanded its offering for its viewers and it also includes providing Live TV. The subscribers would gain access to Live TV and also access to an unlimited library of content. It also has a Cloud DVR feature for those who would want to watch the game live. But the storage is limited to only 50hours.

Look outside:

Probably your TV isn’t working fine or some issues with the network. You need not worry about missing out on the game. All you would need to do is get the best bet on watching the game. During such huge sports event, mostly all of the bars and restaurants would show TV so as to attract customers. Hence you can catch up with your friends and visit any bar or restaurant to enjoy the Super Bowl with some snacks or drinks.

These options would allow you to stay tuned with all of the updates regarding Super Bowl and there are no chances of any miss out.