The onset of streaming services is gradually taking over the cable and satellite TV networks. This has also led to a rise in the cord cutters. There are various options made available for streaming live TV and also for watching movies absolutely free.

HD antenna:

For those who are keen on watching live TV but do not want to go for the hassle of cable TV can opt for an easier option called as TV antenna or HD antenna. These are not those old days’ rabbit ears sticking out from the TV set. The TV antennas have come a long way in terms of its signal picking strength and looks. Based on your location and the distance from your house to the broadcasting tower, you can purchase a TV range with the required range. Once you set it up, it would allow you to watch more than dozens of local channels absolutely free of cost. There are various major network services such as ABC, Fox, CBS and many more which air live TV and also provide movies absolutely free of cost. There are various devices which would take the antenna signal from your house and then broadcast it on to your device such as TV unit, mobiles or computers. You can go in for indoor as well as outdoor antennas.

The Best TV Antenna

High-definition television without the cable bill

SkyLink TV Antenna

Rating 96%
Channels Received

Winegard FlatWave Amped FL5500A

Rating 90%
Channels Received

ClearStream Eclipse Amplified

Rating 85%
Channels Received

Online streaming services:

One of the best cable replacement that would allow for watching live TV are the online streaming services. However, you would need to have an internet connection. Few of the recognised services include, Sling TV, PlaystationVue and many more. You also get Hulu with LIVE TV, Youtube TV and so on. They provide an array of channels that would allow you to watch live TV. They have more than dozens of channels with just minimal fee. You can select the package that suits your need and enjoy daily dose of entertainment.

DVR boxes:

For those who haven’t yet cut the cord but want to try out something which would provide Live TV can go in for DVR boxes. You can get these boxes from various companies such as Dish, Slingbox and various other providers. You also have the facility of streaming the content from your TV unit on to the mobile device or any other device. Hence this way you can have access to your account even when you are away from the TV.

Free Movie services:

If you do not have budget to pay for streaming services such as Amazon or Netflix then you need not worry since there are certain services which offer absolutely free movies for its users. Sony’s Crackle is an ad supported streaming service that offers its users with both movies as well as TV shows. You can use it on variety of devices and also there is no need to setup an account. Another option is Hoopla wherein you can watch various entertainment stuff including movies. When you borrow a movie from its library then you get 72 hours for watching it. It also provides a large family friendly content for its viewers. Pluto TV not only provides movies but also live TV including channels such as CBS. However, it is all ad-supported since that is how they generate revenue. In Pluto TV you have various categories to select from.