How to Cut the Cord and Stream TV – Watching Guides?

Paying $100 or more for watching only half of the channels is not a wise decision unless you are the one who really wants it all. There have been various options made available for the cord cutters when it comes to what exactly they would want to watch. Cable provides you a lot of channels but the question arises as to how many of those you actually watch. With the multiple other options such as online streaming services, you have the choice of narrowing down on which streaming service you may want to go in for. Firstly, ask a question to yourself, “I am interested in watching………?

The Best TV Antenna

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Hit Movies:

For those who love watching the recently released hit movies, there are options such as HBO and Showtime. They provide for original content and also the recent releases. You can get a hold of them by paying subscription charges. Amazon Prime Video also has a large library of recently released movies. Another great option would be to subscribe for Starz. If not for these online streaming services, then there is always the open option of getting videos on demand by paying rental fees.


This is one of the main reasons why people do not plan to cut the cord since they are getting to watch their favourite sports LIVE and would not take the risk of losing out on any update. But you have various options apart from cable. For those who are a huge baseball fan can go in for MLB. TV and for those who love watching basketball can go in for NBA League Pass. Many a times you would get to watch live sports through your HD antenna service. You can also check out with live TV providers to see which of the sports you are allowed to watch in your area and what are the prices for the same. ESPN+ also provides for live games from the college sports to professional sports.

News and Politics:

You may be wondering that this is something which can be made available through set-top box or TV antenna. But there are chances that due to varied factors you may not receive all of your local channels. When you go in for the Hulu with LIVE TV, you can get a lot of these news and politics channels without much hassle. But before you subscribe for it, you would need to check the local line-up present on the website of Hulu.

Family Entertainment options:

Talking about family entertainment shows, there are many of them which can provide you with such programs. You can subscribe for Amazon, Netflix or Hulu. They have a long list of such entertainment shows that are targeted for family groups. You can also subscribe for PBS app or the Youtube which is kid friendly channels.

Foreign TV:

There are certain individuals who prefer watching foreign TV related to travelling or wildlife. Acorn would be a must for those who love spending hours touring around villages and enjoying the culture there. You also get access to comedy and crime stories. Netflix also provides for ITV and BBC channels.